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This site serves as the digital journal of a newly established family. The patrons of the family, a young man and a young woman, believe their family is a valuable enterprise whose wealth and values should be purposefully developed and stewarded with a long term-oriented view of the future. In time this journal will, hopefully, prove to be a valuable part of that family heritage in providing an inheritance of accumulated knowledge, know-how and reasoning for present and future generations of the family. It is being published in a public manner to not only share this wealth with other families so inclined, but to rally those families to the banner of this house in order to forge a common culture.

The two familiars of this site are The Lion and The Wolf. These familiars were chosen purposefully:


The Lion is representative of prosperity. It represents power and strength, courage in the face of moral choice and a conservative ethic toward protecting the wealth of the entity it guards over. Our specific chosen lion mascot, the Imperial Guardian Lion, can be found watching over places rich with thought, essence and material well-being.


The Wolf is representative of community and culture. It represents foundation, legacy, and the opportunist instinct. Our specific chosen wolf mascot, the Capitoline Wolf, is a she-wolf who gave birth to a formidable and lasting civilization encompassing art, architecture, science, language, commerce, engineering, law and yes, martial prowess. She was the mother of many things we cherish and consider a part of our own cultural inheritance.

The Lion and The Wolf represent the “empire of prosperity” we are founding, the fortune that we seek and the permanence with which we hope to live it. Having come from families which have had a measure of fortune already, we seek to build on these achievements. Having many bold ideas of our own for a life better lived, we seek not only to live our lives for ourselves, but to work to establish a new culture and civilization by connecting with others seeking the same.

This site will be used as a medium through which we can explore and record our ideas about philosophy, political economy, business, lifestyle, parenting and family-building. On an individual level, we seek to improve our own lives as we’ve come to understand these ideas; on a social level, we seek to construct a new paradigm for society built upon voluntary cooperation and common interest rather than violent control and value dictatorship.

So now, bear witness as a house rises.

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