Off to Taipei!

We arrived 5 hours early for our 5pm flight which is now delayed until 6pm (but the plane is here and the flight crew are standing by). The ticketing agents didn’t show up for almost an hour. Then we had an enormous family of 8 with 3x as many pieces of luggage ahead of us in line who took 20 mins to check in. When we finally got checked in we were disappointed to learn that same day upgrades on EVA Air where significantly more than we had anticipated. We got our tickets and headed for the TSA manhandling and were greeted a very long line.

So that took awhile to get through.

Now we just need to get on our plane and wait another 13 hours to arrive in Taipei right before midnight.

A day of waiting! It’s like being at Disneyland, but no roller coasters at the end.