These are sites we recommend or find valuable for various reasons:


Raising Children Is An Act Of Philosophy – the personal blog of Roslyn Ross, the world’s foremost amateur parenting philsopher. Roslyn has self-published A Theory of Objectivist Parenting which outlines her ideas about the moral and practical contradiction of raising children by irrational methods which are not respectful of their individual self-esteem and expecting them to grow into rational, confident and emotionally integrated adults. She proposes an alternative approach which can resolve this perennial parenting problem and she outlines much of it for free on the blog. Her blog is also interesting to read for demonstrations of applied philosophy such as RIE (Respect for Infant Education), Montessori, etc., and other child troubleshooting.

Resources for Infant Educarers – online home of the Los Angeles, CA-based RIE organization which carries forward the theories and work of child development specialist Magda Gerber. Also recommended is her Your Self-Confident Baby, an incomparable guide to parenting from infancy on up for novice and experienced parents alike.

Political Economy & Social Philosophy

The Ludwig von Mises Institute – The Mises Institute, located in Auburn, AL, is the premier source for rational philosophy in the areas of economics, politics and social philosophy. Named for the greatest social philosopher of all time, Ludwig von Mises, the Institute is not a think-tank or policy platform but rather an educational outfit seeking to spread the teachings of Mises and other affiliated thinkers across the globe. Theirs is an important mission in the quest for peace, free markets and a material prosperity that benefits all mankind.