Notes – How To Master A New Skill

A note to self that I found elsewhere:

Anytime you are acquiring a new skill, remember the best path for doing something new or different looks like this:

  1. Find someone who is good at it.
  2. Watch that person do it.
  3. Get that person to talk about how they do it.
  4. Practice doing it yourself with his or her guidance.
  5. Ask the person to give you feedback.
  6. Practice doing it on your own.
  7. Seek feedback until you’ve mastered it.

6 Pieces Of Immortal Financial Wisdom

I was digging around in my old notes on my GDrive just now and came across these 6 juicy peaches from an old friend at I’m deleting the note as I am reorganizing my GDrive, but I still wanted to hold on to stuff like this.

All observations are, in their own way, profound. Here they are:

  1. There’s two ways to learn things– the easy way, and the hard way. And surprisingly, most people pick the hard way.
  2. Stocks are for selling, bonds are for buying.
  3. As I always say, “You can’t fix stupid.”
  4. Real men don’t hedge; they know.
  5. I only “Texas Hedge”.
  6. What a world we live in.