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When Was America Great The First Time?

American presidential candidate Donald Trump’s campaign slogan is “Make America Great Again.” One thing that is interesting about this slogan is that no one thought of using it in the past. It’s intuitive and it touches a positive nerve– few Americans think America is great right now, and the idea of returning to past glory is a popular idea for adherents of both major parties and even libertarians. Democrats dream of the 1960s, Republicans dream of the 1950s and 1980s, and Libertarians dream of the 1780s, so there is something for everyone to grab ahold of.

Embedded in the slogan is a time reference. To make something great “again”, it needs to have been great at an earlier date. So some interesting questions that should be asked and discussed are:

  1. When was America first great?
  2. What specific policies or circumstances contributed to its greatness?
  3. What policies are you proposing to make America great again?
  4. Why do you believe these policies will allow for a return to that greatness?
  5. Could improvements have been made on America at the time of its former greatness, as great as it was?
  6. If so, what policies would’ve made America even greater?
  7. What is a realistic amount of greatness that might be achievable within your first 4 years as president? What amount of greatness might have to wait for a 2nd term?

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