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Videos – Interviews With Warren Buffett, Charlie Munger, Jim Grant And Joel Greenblatt

I found the following interviews and lectures at John Chew’s CSInvesting blog and decided to repost and embed here for my convenience and later retrieval.

Buffett on investment philosophy and the Four Filters

Buffett lectures to UGA students (Buffett’s life and investing principles)

Buffett lectures to students in India (valuation and moats)

Charlie Munger at University of Michigan

Joel Greenblatt interviewed by Steve Forbes (problems with mutual funds and indexing)

Jim Grant lectures to students at Darden

Best of value investing (Pt 1)

Best of value investing (Pt 2)

Best of value investing (Pt 3)

Best of value investing (Pt 4)

Best of value investing (Pt 5)

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